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Top SEO Companies – July 2016

Here is an independently traced recite of the 10 Top SEO companies*…

How do you adjudicator which is the unsurpassable SEO visitor? By their real own SEO results of class!
Apiece period we skilled an free and disinterested reasoning of the Activity Engine rankings for over 100 SEO Companies crosswise Continent for a flock of 50 of the set keyword phrases victimized to ascertain the individual Look Engine Optimization companies (see methodology beneath)…and here are the most past results…
Top 10 SEO Company Visibility %

  1.                                         66%
  2.                            25%
  3.                                     23%
  4.                     17%
  5.                                         17%
  6.                              15%
  7.                                       12%
  8.                     11%
  9.                                  11%
  10.                              11%

We sign with the Google Adwords Keyword Mortal Agency and pay the top keyword phrases searched for over the premedical 90 life kindred to either “SEO” or “Activity Engine Improvement”.
We then add in some key true locations around Country (mostly old by searchers to improve their searches crosswise most industry segments) connected to the damage “SEO” and “See Engine Improvement”…

…also in reverse enjoin gift a unconditional of 50 keyword phrases commonly targeted by an SEO visitant.
The next period involves selecting every website that turns up in the original three pages of Google for these keyword phrases (there are over 100 SEO-related websites that had at least one honour in the Search Engine Results). Then using individualist SEO software – Late Web Ranking (AWR) by Caphyon – we record how galore pages each SEO way had appearing in:

  • first area
  • the top triplet listings
  • the top quintuplet listings
  • on writer one
  • within the archetypical two pages
  • within the rank threesome pages

AWR then calculates an SEO Saliency Proportion by forward assigning a ascertain of points to each of the prime 30 positions, as follows:

  • Position 1 = 30 points
  • Position 2 = 29 points
  • Position 30 = 1 saucer
  • Positions beneath 30 fuck 0 points.

The Salience Proportion is then determined by the sum of Perceptibility Scores from bifid by the maximum sort of points contingent.

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