November 25, 2020
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Everyone can play chess offline on the chessboard but very few of us are aware of computer chess. Unlike offline chess computer chess offers the facility of playing chess on the computer making use of both hardware and software. Because of such platform players get a good opportunity to practice playing chess. The computation speed of these chess-bots is great which can immediately calculate the next move of player and then make its move on the chessboard accordingly. It is because of computer chess why websites like exist.

Rules for chess

The general rules and moves of the game constant whether they are played offline or online. it is always advisable for players to know the rules completely before starting a game so they may not result in losing the game. Laid below are general rules in chess:

  • White takes the first move
  • Alternate chance is given to both the players
  • A piece can be moved to another position and can also take over and replace the opponent’s piece on the square.
  • The player is not supposed to keep the king in check
  • The checkmate ends the game.
  • If the king is kept in check and threat is not removed then due to checkmated king, the side loses.

There are several pieces like a king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, and pawns which are placed initially onto 64 squared 8 by 8 chessboards before the game starts.

Is paid?

The game can be downloaded for the free trial and its size is about 6.3 Mb. However, it offers few moves per game only. Also, for running and installing the game the chess game demands chess engines such as stockfish, Houdini, Rybka, etc.

Thus, it will be suitable to say that gives everything to a chess player that they require. The entertaining environment also remains the same just like a player is playing it offline. There are also some videos available that can help players to understand the game better.


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