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By using your Gmail account as your personal email address, you can access various great online tools such as Google spreadsheets, Documents, and maps.

While you are doing more and more with this incredibly versatile service, you should not forget to consider your privacy. Fortunately, Gmail and Google offer several security and privacy options for you to consider.

Google makes it easier to learn about your privacy settings with Google security check and privacy check. Launching these free services will show you exactly where your account is located and point you in the right direction to change your Gmail privacy settings. Here’s what you need to know to avoid email theft, data leaks, and profile impersonation.

To start managing your Gmail privacy settings, log in and review the fields listed in the welcome window.

Privacy and personalization

On this screen, you can change the search parameters and the selected language. But you can also focus on more important privacy measures.

In the activity Management section, decide what you want to enable and what you want to suspend. The selection includes ” Web & App Activity”, which saves your activity on Google sites and apps. This data is used to provide users with a more personalized experience. You can also decide whether you want Google to save your ” location history “or”YouTube history”.

This page also allows you to decide if you want ads on Google to be personalized. If you want your ads to be personalized, you can double check that your ad preferences have been updated in this section. Finally, check the action saved in your account in the” my activity” and “timeline” sections. You can also delete past actions in this section.

Checking Your Privacy

This step-by-step guide will help you choose the appropriate privacy settings for you. You may have already set up some settings that it will guide you through, such as “YouTube search history” or “location History”. But you will also be able to edit what other people can see based on your account, such as your phone number, comments on YouTube, and reviews on maps.

In Google’s privacy settings, you will find many links that you can click if you want to learn more about a section or don’t know where to go next. The entire experience is convenient and easy to navigate. It only takes a few minutes to go through each section, so do yourself a favor and find out exactly what your Gmail account is releasing to the world. You may be surprised how vulnerable you are.

Additional Security Tips For Gmail

Here are some additional tips for keeping your Gmail account secure.

Use a strong password

Every Internet security buff will tell you to create a strong password. But despite consistent advice, people still choose passwords with their name, birthday, or children’s names. This information is easily found by hackers, making it easier to hack your password and get into your Gmail account. Choose a strong password, don’t use it anywhere else, and keep it to yourself.

Don’t check your email just anywhere

Avoid logging in to your Gmail account on a public computer, or open wi-fi. It is completely too easy for a hacker to get their password either through a key registration virus or another way. If you don’t have a choice, log in, but don’t forget to change your password as soon as you return to your own device.

Be vigilant

Take the time to regularly research your Gmail account and make sure that you don’t notice anything suspicious . Check your sent mailbox and let your friends and colleagues know that you would appreciate a warning if they receive a suspicious email from your account.

Google works around the clock to protect its Gmail users, their passwords, and their data. But since data breaches are still happening, take the time to make sure that your Gmail privacy settings help you stay safe.


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