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ASUS ROG Chakram-asymmetric wireless gaming mouse under the right hand with the ability to connect via radio, Bluetooth or cable, optical sensor at 16,000 DPI, polling frequency up to 1000 Hz, replaceable switches, additional joystick and wireless charging.

What is interesting about ASUS ROG Chakram?

Interesting features of ASUS ROG Chakram turned out to be a decent number. The mouse can work in three modes: by wire, 2.4 GHz radio channel with a complete transmitter, and by Bluetooth. It is powered by a built-in battery, which should be enough for 79 hours of operation on the radio channel without illumination. Wireless and fast charging via cable is supported. 15 minutes of charging should be enough for 12 hours of play. One of the unusual design solutions is a joystick on the left side, which can work in analog or digital mode (as an analog stick, or as an additional configurable control). The design of the mouse is collapsible: Omron switches are installed for 50 million clicks, which can be replaced. The sensor is optical at 16,000 DPI, the model is not specified. Customizable RGB lighting with AURA Sync support is, of course, present.

How convenient is it to use?

Dimensions and shape are best suited for palm and finger grip, depending on anatomical features and preferences. For me, the palm grip seemed optimal for a number of reasons. With a palm grip, the mouse is most reliably grasped and controlled on the surface, additional side buttons are located just above the thumb joint, and its end just reaches the joystick. By the way, the implementation of side buttons is not the most successful: they are large and press well, but they are located close to each other and the separation between them is almost not felt. As mentioned above, the mouse is heavy, which is worth considering: everyone’s tastes are different. I like this format perfectly: set the DPI a little more, and make less movements. The mouse is very well balanced and does not outweigh anything when raised above the surface.

What can it do?

ASUS ROG Chakram uses an optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 16,000 DPI. It is capable of tracking movement at speeds of up to 400 inches per second and acceleration of up to 40g. ASUS does not specify which sensor is used, although it is suspected that this is some custom variation on the PMW3389/3390 theme. In any case, the sensor is excellent, both in its characteristics, resolution margin, and stability of operation. During the use of any unpleasant moments such as disruptions, cursor twitches, and other things were not observed. The mouse shows itself smartly, both in all sorts of actions, RPG, strategies, and in very high-speed shooters like the new Doom Eternal.


To sum up, the ASUS ROG Chakram turned out to be a very interesting and unique, although rather strange mouse. If we consider it as a “classic” gaming mouse, we have an excellent accurate sensor with a large margin of resolution, a very convenient shape for the right hand, excellent long-lasting switches and three different types of connection. Thus, there is great scope for customization to fit your needs: the switches are easy to replace when leaving a complete of two pairs from the system (or just other) logo on the “back” can be replaced by its picture and, of course, customizable joystick. There are also a number of less important, but also pleasant bonuses, including convenient SOFTWARE, the ability to configure some things “on the fly”, wireless charging and RGB lighting.


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